La Cresta Tree Company


Our Mission

To provide top quality specimen material to the landscape and nursery industries in both a time and cost effective manner. To promote environmental awareness by saving large trees from the destruction and recycling them into new developments. To aid in the beautification of our planet for future generations through the use of large trees. To educate others as to the many benefits both aesthetically and monetarily of recycling existing trees into new projects.

Our Profile

Focusing on large specimen trees, including Oak trees, Olive trees, and Pine trees. Fallbrook, California based La Cresta Tree Company is the premier big tree nursery in San Diego County. La Cresta provides consulting, sales, and service for large tree moving, tree sales, tree maintenance, and tree landscaping projects for commercial, residential, and governmental customers in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Having its own fleet of cranes, specially designed boxes, flat-bed trucks, and several tree farm locations. La Cresta enjoys a unique niche among big tree nurseries in growing, selling, and/or transporting large trees.

Company Directory


(760) 451-9493 ext. 508

Danny Kaplanek

Construction Sales Manager

(760) 451-9493 ext. 504

Larry Glotfelty

Director of Business Development

760-451-9493 ext. 501

Mike Kaplanek

Marketing and Sales

(760) 451-9493 ext. 502

Ramon Verdugo

Support Operations Supervisor

(760) 451-9493

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